Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Detrot Science Center's Chrysler IMAX® Dome Theatre wins 2009 IMAX® Corporation "Best Booth Award!"

Congratulations to our IMAX® projection team on their win of the 2009 MAX® Corporation "Best Booth Award!" The Best Booth Award was started several years ago by the IMAX® Corporation and is presented at the Giant Screen Cinema Association Annual Awards Gala. The goal is to recognize the best of the best in giant screen projection in order to encourage all giant screen theaters to constantly keep the best technical standards. Unlike regular cinema multiplexes, IMAX® theaters have multi-million dollar projection and sound systems that require highly skilled technical staff to maintain and operate them. There are hundreds of IMAX® theaters around the globe, but less than a dozen have ever been recognized with the IMAX® Best Booth Award!

The Detroit Science Center won due to the many physical improvements that have been done over the past year, mostly due to the generous support of Chrysler, for which the theatre is now named. Our highly experienced projection staff, with an average length of service in the IMAX® industry of over 17 years, has gone above and beyond to make sure that all of our customers gets the most immersive experience possible during every film. When was the last time you experienced a film in our Chrysler IMAX® Dome Theatre? Click here for show times and come see why the IMAX® Corporation awarded us "Best Booth!"

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