Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The YouTube era and science videos: A winning combo!

Thanks to YouTube (and the assorted other video sites on the web) and the explosion of cheap, easy ways to film, you can find a video for virtually anything online. Need to thread that sewing machine your aunt gave you? Video for that. Wondering how to change the strings on your banjo? Video for that. Unlimited video knowledge is a click away.

So not surprisingly, there's a lot of cool science videos. So where do you start? How about with this link from Online School to the 100 Coolest Science Videos on YouTube. They even have the list broken down info subcategories like Astronomy, Biology, etc. That should keep you busy for awhile.

After watching all those videos, if you're feeling inspired, NPR has partnered with YouTube for a user-generated science video contest! It's the WonderScope Challenge, and it's your chance to be a viral video science star! From their site:

NPR is looking for your take on science. Whether it's video, photography, animation or a finger-puppet show, we want you to bring the abstract to life.

Forget the overhead projectors and old textbooks — unless you can add the sparkle. Show us your creativity, beauty, fun, cleverness, curiosity, joy. Even weirdness, if it works.

Dazzle us.

If we like your work, we'll post it on NPR.org for millions to see, making you part of NPR's new look.

Click the link above for more info, examples and to see the first assignment. Happy science watching and filming!

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