Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Introducing our Elmo's Green Thumb Grand Prize Winners!

Thanks to everybody who entered our "Going Green for Elmo" contest! Though we had quite a few entries, here's the entries of the grand prize winners! Congrats to Kelsey and Reilly - you'll have a blast at Elmo's Green Thumb!

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle: The Tales of a Toddler Saving Our Earth

We are teaching Kelsey, our 2 ½ year old toddler the importance of saving our earth, because we want it to be around forever!

We REDUCE yucky stuff going to landfills by using rechargeable batteries. Kelsey knows how to load them up, but only adults plug them in!

We REUSE envelopes and papers from old mail as drawing paper, stained clothing as rags, old burp clothes as napkins, and water from her swimming pool to water our flowers and tomato garden she and her Daddy planted last summer.

We RECYCLE with Kelsey by allowing her to place paper, plastics, glass jars, and cardboard into the recycle bin. She loves to sing a song she created called, “Pick It Up, Clean It Up” as she completes her tasks. Lastly, she donates old toys, sippys, and clothing to friends, family, or others who need it.
A family that conserves together plays together!

I use my Green Thumb like Elmo
My name is Reilly and I live in Detroit, Michigan. I love to play outside. I watch the ladybugs and ants. Daddy helps me plant the flowers when it is warm. We water them unless it rains. The flowers are little, then get big, like me. The colors are pretty. The bees are stingy. The butterfly likes the flower. Mommy says butterflies kiss the flower to make them grow. When it is cold the flowers go away. I will help Elmo with his flowers. I know how to give them water so they can grow!

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