Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DSC Fan Mail: A Membership Well Worth the Investment

Please accept our most sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional learning experience that our son, Karol, enjoyed on 19 September at the Detroit Science Center.

The new and improved Science Center is truly a marvelous place. As members we visit the Science Center every month, and discover something new every time. We are often amazed that there is so much to learn, from floor to ceiling.

The Detroit Science Center is an extraordinary storehouse of scientific information, and fortunately the Science Center is staffed by individuals of the utmost skill, intellect, and dedication.

Individuals such as Nino Torres strive to make science exciting and interesting. He has a talent for making each presentation new, vibrant, and informative. If anyone leaves one of his presentations without being educated and entertained, it is probably because they are comatose. It is readily apparent that Nino has a wealth of scientific knowledge at his command, and he maintains a highly professional demeanor, yet every time we visit the Science Center, he makes us feel as though we are his closest friends. Because of the efforts of individuals such as Nino, our beloved son Karol is far advanced in science over his contemporaries. For this, Nino and the Detroit Science Center have our heartfelt gratitude.

We most certainly will be renewing our membership in the Detroit Science Center, and urging our friends and associates to join. Our membership in the Detroit Science Center is one of the best investments in our son's education that we have ever made.

Thank you, Nino. Thank you, Detroit Science Center. Your efforts on our behalf mean more to us than you can imagine.

With most sincere respect and esteem,

The Lesnick Family

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