Thursday, February 25, 2010

Announcing the 2010 DSC Summer Science Camps!

Get ready for the best fun in town this summer with one or all of the Detroit Science Center’s day camps! Themed programs for children entering Preschool – grade 12 feature fun in the Chrysler IMAX® Dome Theatre and Dassault Systèmes Planetarium, Toyota Engineering Theater, live stage shows, 200+ hands-on exhibits, outdoor activities and visits to other nearby cultural institutions. Campers also receive snacks, a camp photo and a free t-shirt.

We have a variety of exciting camp options for all ages and interest! Choose from the following:

Introduce little ones to science with our half-day camps for ages four to six. Daily snacks are provided, but lunch is not part of these programs. Campers must be potty trained.
*Time: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

Cost: $75 Members; $85 for Non-Members

Extended camp hours are not available.

Bounce Around Science • June 28-July 2 OR Aug 2-6

Bring your wildest imagination and get ready to discover science through art and literature with hands-on experiments focused on matter, sounds and waves.

Science Splash! • July 12-16
Dive in and explore different kinds of science with experiments related to water, biology, plants and environmental

Eekstein’s Great Comet Ride • July 26-30
Take an astro-adventure with our mascot Eekstein as he travels through the solar system to
learn about the moon, comets, planets and more.


NEW! Eekstein: Mini Secret Agent - 3-DAY CAMP • June 21-23 OR Aug 9-11

HIGHLY CLASSIFIED: Discover the world of spies with hands-on activities designed to reveal the science behind top-secret espionage.

NEW! Now It Makes Sense! - 2-DAY CAMP • June 24-25 OR Aug 12-13

Touch it, smell it, see it, hear it! One-of-a-kind experiments will help campers discover the versatility of the human body’s senses.

Science Extravaganza • June 28-July 2

Packed with a wide range of fun experiments in subjects like geology, health and biology, this extravaganza helps campers discover just how exciting science can be!

Eekstein’s Space Adventures • July 5-9
It’s an adventure out there! Experience this extraterrestrial adventure with experiments about constellations, seasons, sizes within our solar system and more!

The Experiment Express • July 12-16 OR Aug 2-6

All aboard! This science train is making stops all over the museum exploring a wide range of topics, including weather, space and the environment.

Teeny Tiny Science • July 19-23

Small science for small scientists. Grab a microscope and magnifying glass to discover a mysterious world that is invisible to the naked eye with germs, atoms and more.

Amazing Exploration • July 26-30

Campers will travel to the moon and dive into the deep sea with activities that allow them to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest scientific explorers!


NEW! Eekstein: Junior Secret Agent - 3-DAY CAMP • June 21-23 OR Aug 9-11
HIGHLY CLASSIFIED: Discover the secret world of spies with hands-on activities designed to reveal the science behind top-secret espionage.

NEW! Lights, Camera…- 2-DAY CAMP • June 24-25 OR Aug 12-13

Quiet on the set! Discover the secrets behind Hollywood’s special effects with hands-on activities that will have campers ready to scream “ACTION!”

Deep Sea Discovery • June 28-July 2 OR Aug 2-6

How long can you hold your breath? Campers spend a week investigating the mysteries of the world’s oceans, including activities on whales, manatees, diatoms and more!

Camp 911! • July 5-9

Explore the powerful science behind tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters while learning about professions associated with emergencies. Campers will get hands-on with an ambulance, speak with first responders and more!

Puzzles of Planet Earth • July 12-16

Unearth the mysteries of our planet with special experiments on glaciers, oceans, weather, avalanches and other earth science topics.

Animal Expedition • July 19-23

Explore the science of animals with experiments and activities on camouflage, adaptations, population, tracking and more. This safari is sure to be a hit!

Keepin’ it Green • July 26-30

Motivational activities will show campers how they can become more active in preserving Earth’s natural resources. Campers will discover innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle with special DIY recycling projects each day.


NEW! Eekstein: Secret Agent - 3-DAY CAMP • June 21-23 OR Aug 9-11

HIGHLY CLASSIFIED: Discover the secret world of spies with hands-on activities designed to reveal the science behind top-secret espionage.

Survive! - 2-DAY CAMP • June 24-25 OR Aug 12-13

Who needs reality television? Investigate the science behind real-world survival techniques that are sure to keep you from being voted off of the island.

Eekstein’s Easel • June 28-July 2
Feeling creative? Express yourself while discovering the fascinating link between art and science. Activities include making paint, experimenting with photography, sculptures, music and more.

Sweat, Sports & Science • July 5-9
Don’t forget to stretch first! Activities and experiments will help campers learn about the scientific principles behind a wide range of sports including basketball, baseball and hockey.

Out of This World • July 12-16 OR Aug 2-6

Buckle up and hold on tight! Journey through space with activities and experiments covering all aspects of our solar system, including eclipses, space exploration, black holes and the sun.

Adventures in Engineering • July 19-23
Explore the creativity and innovation associated with engineering professions. Campers will use brainstorming, teamwork and originality as they complete engaging engineering feats.

Surface Safari • July 26-30

We’re on top of it! Explore the wide range of features found on Earth’s surface. Fun activities will help students discover the science behind canyons, rivers,mountains, glacier valleys and more.


New! Crime Scene Science • Aug 2-Aug 13

From processing crime scenes to carefully analyzing the evidence, forensic scientists have a fascinating profession. Discover the captivating, behind-the-scenes work of crime scene investigation in this two-week program. Activities include fingerprint dusting, chromatography, handwriting analysis and more to give teens a college preview!

Call 313.577.8400, Option 5, to register today. For more info, click here.

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